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A Bit About Me    

My name is Laura Fleming. Originally from the serene Shuswap Valley in BC, I now live outside of Edmonton, Alberta on a beautiful acreage where I am able to develop my green thumb. These locations have given me an appreciation for the beauty of nature and so much inspiration for creation.      

I have spent a little over 25 years as a dance instructor and award winning choreographer. With a passion for the technical elements of the art, I have focused primarily on ballet, strength and flexibility training, and more recently acro dance. Dance allowed me to create beauty and be a proactive member in the communities in which I've lived. It has also enabled me to develop an appreciation for line, space and the beauty of simple and clean art done to perfection.

As time has passed I've had a desire to expand my creative outlets, so in 2020 I returned to creating visual art, something I had dabbled with on and off since childhood. This desire coupled with a fascination with technology led me to study Graphic Design. I enrolled in VCAD where my eye, knowledge and technical proficiency have grown beyond what I thought possible.

I feel like I've found a new home in Graphic Design. There is so much potential to learn, create and evolve in this ever-changing industry. The simple, clean style I have always clung to in my choreography has transferred very naturally to my Design style, nudging me toward technical artwork, photography and publication design. I also enjoy creating logos and developing dynamic branding for small businesses.


Photo Credit: Sarah Wormsbecker

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